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January 9, 2013 by rmwerner

lastman 2013 b

I guess this is really my first blog entry. That is, it is the first time i am officially BLOG-GING. Much of the other stuff I’ve posted until now are compilations and reformations of notes, films, TV shows, live performances etc. Basically, archives from my career.

I hope to make my blog and my website something proactive; an instrument with which I can trade ideas with other artists of all mediums, physical and metaphysical–tools for masters and the novices–

What do you want to ask or tell other artists?

Leave a reply here and let’s talk about it.

I have been an actor since I was a very young child. An artist who understood early on, that there was a discipline to follow, along with tools to sharpen and dull, habits to work through, both good and bad.

Acting is a craft. Acting is an art. Even a Martial Art.

Skills handed down to develop and ultimately to pass on to other artists less experienced.

White Belts to Black Belts.

Artists like myself, who love and struggle with their work and can sometimes gauge themselves by the work of their heroes, mentors, and colleagues….And also those who suck. 😉

First, I must thank Mende Smith for showing me that this relatively new medium is not a foil but a tool. Positively essential to success in the modern world. Yes, even all the artists need to learn how it works.

Mende truly pulled me kicking and screaming into the Twenty First Century.

In all honestly, I know I’m not there yet.

I fear I’ve let the world evolve around me.

I fear I’ve dragged my knuckles too long.

I fear I’ve slept through the arrival of the Monoliths.

I’d like to dedicate this particular blog page to the genre of performance art. Whats it means to me, who my heroes are (there are lots of them), and my own experience with performance art, both as producer and performer for the past 20 years.

More to come!

Richie W


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