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January 9, 2013 by rmwerner



preview report:




(spoiler alerts)

So I’m back in LA.

Re charged.

Lots of things to do.

The Annual Hollywood Performance Marathon is coming up.



Show starts at 3 PM

Goes till it ends!

I will close the show as the last man standing for the 18th year in a row.

I do a half hour  uber-trippy musical puppet performance art horror operetta  I call


The full title of the piece this year is listed above.

No intention of it really being the last.

Already brainstorming on a karaokapocalypse blues show with live music.

But that’s for another marathon.

I started brainstorming on this year’s coming show almost immediately after last year’s.

I often begin with pieces I had to previously cut from other shows because of time constraints or the like.

This years piece will also be a mix of short bits, musical numbers, props, puppets, vegetable theatre, sound bites, magic tricks, grande GrandGuignol and surprises.

Probably close to 100 new pieces of art for the show.

For my purposes I’ve always taken the term performance art quite literally.

That is, I use the one medium of performance as a way to showcase the other medium, my graphic art; my paintings, puppets, masks, sculptures, props etc.

In a sense, my solo works are the polar opposite of my ensemble work.

If I do it correctly, there is strange loneliness and inevitable doom I should feel from executing it.

Like Daffy Duck.

Devil Costume, with a belly full of Nitro.

Match in hand.

Girls, you’d better hold onto your boyfriends

Swallow the Match.


Frank Moore described my work as reminiscent to Ernie Kovacs.

I think it’s Ernie Kovacs meets Un Chien Andalou.

I’m kind of prop comedian although I’m not always going for a laugh.

Sometimes a gasp will do.

Practicing up on my Harmonica.

Just brought over 50 beanie bears back from Washington.

Almost a shame to deface them..

Planning on doing a mini-panto of the rising of a messianic teddy bear avatar.

Everyone who stays late to watch my piece gets a teddy bear

and maybe more!

Lots of art gifts to give away at the show this year.

Vegetable porno mags, teddy bears from hell, a visual guide for the show and at least 3 BRAND NEW CARS to the lucky audience member(s).

So many puppets to build.

So little time.

The wonderful Christine Breihan will be joining me for the finale.

Ever so psyched!

More to come!


Show was a huge success!

Theatre of NOTE has been and will always remain my artistic home.

I went on stage around 4am.

Show lasted a half hour.

I’ll have pics and a video archive of my performance very soon.

Certainly the most ambitious thing I’ve put together.

My two most complex puppets (Mr Skull and Richieface Bustapart) broke mid performance.

Generally my props last one performance but some excess hot glue
and my own lumbering 4am adrenaline made me a little rougher on my props than I should have been.
I will never work with a tomato again.
Terrible actors, tomatoes.
It is what it is.
I think some of it will prove to be gorgeous.
I’d really like to start compiling my best stuff into one very messy show.
I will begin to deconstruct my work and technique in this blog to:
One, to show there is in fact a method to my madness
two; Help myself to do it better
three; to develop analytical muscles to view my own work more objectively and finally,
to  prove I’m still one of the most punk-rock theatre makers you are likely to meet or see perform.
Last Man 2013 A
God Bless Mommy Daddy Iggy and the Stooges.

Lots more to come!


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